Our Story


Our Story

Vic Coppin, Nu Day Nutrition Coach

Vic Coppin, Nu Day Nutrition Coach

About Vic, and how it all got started

It all started when...

I realised I couldn't run on empty anymore. I wouldn't go as far as saying I had an eating disorder, but I would say my eating was disordered. I didn't really consider how to fuel my body right, and would swing from 'clean' eating and cheat days, to out-and-out week-long binges. Any of that sound familiar?

Slowly, I realised my relationship with food and nutrition was a little bit broken and something needed to change. I discovered the world of flexible dieting, and fully embraced this evidence-based approach with both hands. Finally, a no-nonsense approach to looking at food in the overall context of our diet and lifestyle.

Fast-forward a few years, and I've gone from running miles every single day to 'earn' everything I ate, to fuelling my body properly for strength and functional training. I've gone from living in fear of carbs, to embracing them and loving every single gram.

And the reason I'm here... I'm a qualified and insured online nutrition coach, ready to help you with your body composition goals and embrace a sustainable, evidence-based approach to food & drink. Since my first qualification, I have continued to immerse myself in keeping my knowledge up-to-date, providing evidence-based strategies that get results (and don’t result in clients going round and round in circles). As of Sept ‘19 I embark on a further qualification to become a Nutritionist.

This will completely transform the way you think about food in the best possible way, and better still, it’ll last you a lifetime.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

Find out a bit more about how our online nutrition coaching could work for you.

Faye Baxter, Nu Day Nutrition Coach

Faye Baxter, Nu Day Nutrition Coach


For Faye, it all started when…

…her progress stopped. In Faye’s words…

“After a few years as a “cardio bunny” I’d stumbled across a love for weight training & been going to the gym 3/4 times per week consistently for a couple of years. My body had been slowly changing and I was happy with how I had been progressing until the progress gradually slowed down and finally ground to a halt. Although I thought I was “good” with my food because I was a ‘clean eater’, I didn’t really understand why that was or how my body used what I ate but I knew this was key & I really wanted to learn.

There began a year long hunt for knowledge that left me frustrated with the fitness industry. After exploring PT qualifications (and realising the nutrition elements in particular left a lot to be desired), and even turning to bodybuilding coaches (who it turns out don’t have to be qualified at all), I lost faith for a while. I didn’t know who to trust or believe when it came to nutrition advice.

It wasn’t until I moved gyms hoping that a change of scenery would reignite my love for the industry that I randomly met Vic fresh off a real, evidence based, insurable (& legal!) nutrition coaching course that I found my mojo again and booked myself straight onto the next intake. By this point I had discovered competitive bodybuilding training suited me and this qualification gave me the confidence to self coach which is something that would have terrified me before.

And then came the coaching….. the more time I spent chatting to people about nutrition, the more I  found myself relating to how they struggled with ‘diets’, feeling confused, unhappy, and not knowing what to do for the best, being taken for a ride by social media charlatans selling the dream eg fad diets to line their own pockets. Nutrition isn’t really that hard once you know how, but finding out what you need to know in amongst all that you don’t is like finding the proverbial needle in the hay stack and I love watching my clients have their ‘Eureka’ light bulb moments.

What does the future hold? Well, I’ve turned into a right geek now, the body is an impressive machine and how you can manipulate through food fascinates me so much that I am studying further to become a fully qualified Nutritionist. I can’t wait to be able to help more people.”