I'll cut to chase on this one. Anyone who knows me will know I'm a mad coffee lover and it's one thing I would never give up. So with the recent influx of Protein Coffee available, my addiction has been further compounded by a need to hit a certain amount of protein each day as part of my diet. I've taken 3 of the protein coffees I've come across in recent months, all by highly respected manufacturers of supplements and protein products and given you a little breakdown (macros are per whole can / bottle):

Reflex Protein Coffee - 250ml

146 cals: Protein: 25g; Fat: 0g; Carbs: 10g

Price: varies, but I picked up 12 cans for £19.99 on Amazon

This is the first one I tried, going back for sample after sample at the BodyPower Expo back in May. It finally arrived in the UK in June and I've got to say, I'm hooked. It's sweetened, so it might not be for you if you prefer your coffee without sugar. Texture is nice; not too thick but not too watery either. 

I think the macros are spot on (for me), taste is awesome and not a bad price either so I've scored this one 9/10


Grenade Killa Coffee - 250ml

99 cals: Protein: 23g; Fat: 0g; Carbs: 1g

Price: varies, looks like 12 cans for about £26

I was a little disappointed in this one, no real sweetness (but that might be right up someone else's street) but because of that, the macros stack up a little better and is pretty much pure protein. I found the texture a little too watery, but I would drink it again with the addition of some sugar free syrup to sweeten it up a bit. 

For me personally, this is a 7/10, but would come in handy on comp prep, so definitely has a place for someone on a restrictive diet

UFit Protein Iced Latte - 310ml

173 cals: Protein: 22g; Fat: 3g; Carbs: 13.5g

Price: £2 a bottle from One Stop, you can also bulk buy from The Protein Drinks Co for £16 for a pack of 8.

Despite this being more like a traditional bottled protein shake as it's a little thicker, I actually really liked it and bought more! The protein content is a little lower, and the carbs and fats are a little higher than the others, but the flavour is great; a bit like reflex, it's got a sweetness to it which suits me. And the fact I can pick one up on the go is great. I'm going for a 8/10 as it scores brownie points for being more accessible!

Hope you've found these short write-ups useful; if you're as addicted to coffee as me, you'll definitely find one you love! 

*Disclaimer: I purchased all of these products myself, none of this content has been created in collaboration with any of the brands featured within the post*