I get asked quite a lot what keeps me motivated with training. First off, I do have 'off days'; days where I'm not feeling it, or get halfway through a session and can't be ar$ed to do the rest - I'm human... But by and large, I've got to admit, I just love training more often than not - goals keep me focused, but what is really at the heart of what I love? Here's a bit of insight...

At the gym...

  1. I can get lost in my own thoughts. No matter how stressful things are at work, I go through the gym door and I'm not thinking about it. It's about the only respite I get with my overactive brain...
  2. I don't bite my nails. I'm a serial nail chewer, but never ever at the gym. My fingers thank me for this time.
  3. I can be anyone. I get in my zone, and I can pretend to be anyone. More often than not, I pretend I'm lifting like my life depends on it, like I'm being watched and egged on - my PT taught me the power of imagination and when you don't think you've got one more pull up in you, imagine someone is watching you and you'll inevitably push through it
  4. I get to wear stretchy pants. This one should not be underestimated; if I could live my life in stretchy pants and trainers, I absolutely would.
  5. I lose track of time... okay, not always, but time seems somehow immaterial. There's something quite cathartic about that.
  6. I feel invincible. On a good training day (which is most), I come out feeling like I'm walking on air and all powerful. That's an incredibly empowering feeling to start your day with.
  7. I can help others. This doesn't happen a lot, but sometimes people will stop and ask me questions, and that really makes my day that they value what I might have to say. I'm cautious with the advice I dispense, but it's nice to feel you're helping someone navigate the equipment or pointing them in the right direction
  8. I don't wear make-up; much like my nails, I'm hoping my skin thanks me for this brief interlude. Another point for self confidence too; there was once a time I would never have left my house without some make-up on, let alone gone to a bright place with other people. THE HORROR.
  9. I'm learning. I'm always, always learning. Whether a completely new exercise or way to execute something from my PT, or learning how to contract certain muscles, I learn something new every day of my training. No lie.
  10. I feel like me. This final one might seem quite profound, but I feel so relaxed and at home, I'm as happy on the gym floor as I am snuggled up on my sofa, which makes it easy to go so frequently.

So complete your own sentence about life, training, the gym, running - whatever your happy place is and whatever floats your boat :)

Happy sunday, folks xx