Being so focused on strength training lately, I haven’t really had any time for group exercise, but I kinda miss it. It gets a bad wrap in the fitness world, but never scoff. For lots of people, it pushes them outside their comfort zone, and working out in a group environment can become the thing that motivates them. I started with Body Pump, before then I’d never lifted a weight in my life. Body Pump taught me confidence with weights, proper technique (I had a bad-ass teacher) and I learned my strengths and weaknesses. Without it, I’m fairly sure I’d never have had the confidence to hit the free weights area and be where I am now. In light of all of that, I thought group exercise should be celebrated.

1. When you’re a regular, you have 'your place'. If anyone dare to take your spot, it's likely you'll glare at them and try to spend the rest of the class being better than them. At ALL the moves.

2. On the subject of spaces, when there is a tonne of room, but someone insists on exercising about 30 centimetres from you. Two words: Personal. Space.

3. But quite often you make class friends. Yay! Be sure to ask their names early on, or you’ll end up in that awkward zone when too much time has passed & you just know them as ‘the blonde one’ or ‘that bitch with the nice arms'

4. Speaking of friends, it's always awkward seeing your class buddies outside of the gym (not in lycra). You smile, awkwardly. Then it occurs to you about 4 hours later who it was.

5. There's always at least one show-off (but go on...admit it... when you get good, it's probably you)

6. And then there's always someone obliviously just doing their own thing. But that's okay, it's better to stand out for erm... uniqueness...than for number 5.

7. You know it's not a fashion show, but much more effort is made when dressing for group exercise. You're a liar if you disagree.

8. There's bound to be at least one ass you can't stop staring at for the entire hour. If anything's a motivator, it's the sight good ass (naturally this will be someone from the same sex).

9. Be nice to the boys; my experience of group exercise has been female dominated, but it's great when there's more of an even split. (Just try not to show them up, y'all)

10. And when you reach the end, there should always be clapping. You made it... YOU ALL MADE IT.