We all know leading an intense life of training involves savouring the small victories. Here are my fave moments where you know you're #winning

1. Your gym or running kit that you chucked in the wash at 10pm has dried overnight. Score.

2. Your online order of proteiny & supplementy things arrive. So much more exciting than any other delivery. All other post disregarded.

3. A random discount code pops up for an online gym kit retailer which you OBVIOUSLY need something new from (however, it stings when the code pops up out of nowhere the very day your order arrives *shakes fist*)

4. There's no one at the squat rack. Your soul sings a little happy song.

5. You can find matching, I repeat MATCHING trainer socks

6. On a day with biblical rain, there's a parking space at the gym right outside the door.

7. You get a smile from another girl in the weights area. And suddenly you both know you own it. Hoorah.

8. Running down a main road and a car or van beeps. You scold the driver, honestly who even still does that?! Inside, your spirit glows that you're still 'beepworthy'.

9. Having enough macros for something cheeky that you fancy. Come at me, Krispy Kreme.

10. Your PT tells you that you smashed it, your other half tells you they're proud of you, or you just walk out of a workout feeling like a boss. That feeling = epic.

11. Finding a single, lone Quest bar at the back of your snack cupboard. There is a god.

I'm sure you've got others... hit me with 'em! x