I've just recently started some proper strength training after finding an absolutely AWESOME personal trainer at my new gym. And it's already teaching me that my limits are actually so much higher than I thought...

Imagine a world where you only ever went as far as your self-imposed limits on the things you do in life. Most of us are our own worst enemy; it's just the way we're programmed. So when you tell yourself you can't do something, 9 out of 10 times, you won't. 

"I can't carry on running" You stop. "I won't ever get the job" You don't apply. "I'm not brave enough to have my hair cut short" You get a trim and leave it at that. Any of this sound familiar? It's that little voice that crops up on a worryingly regular basis, and so often, we listen.

My world has been rocked and rolled by someone that I'm getting to know, but who I trust already. Kirsty looks me square in the eye and says "you've got this" when I'm 2 reps to go, my body is shaking and my internal voice, by this stage, is SCREAMING at me. But I ignore it and push through. On my own, I'd have probably stopped with 3 reps to go.

Why do I trust her? Because it's her job; she understands more about the human body than me, she understands more than anyone that you have to push yourself in order to truly succeed; go above and beyond. I also know if I'm actually at my limit, she'll know it and we'll stop. 

Having someone by your side, even for just an hour a week or so, is actually an incredible force in challenging that little 'you can't do it' voice. If you don't think you'll get that job, talk to someone about it - I can almost guarantee they'll coach you into doing it. You don't need a personal trainer, a life coach or anything fancy to help you push your limits. You can challenge the status quo yourself, or you can bring in the big guns (friends, partner, family, even a perfect stranger you might get chatting to in an unexpected place - this does happen...)

I urge you to do something that honestly helps you establish where your limits are, and I guarantee they won't be where you expect.

Happy weekend peeps xx