Staying fit & healthy isn't all it's cracked up to be. It takes time, effort, dedication and a bloody good sense of humour. I often talk about the good & bad, but here's the downright ugly...

  1. You spend more on gym & running clothes and gear than you do on your regular wardrobe. The wardrobe that you probably wear for more hours of the day. Yep.
  2. Going for a run and forgetting a tissue to wipe your nose with. Lift my vest up and use that? Sure... Why not?
  3. Your entire house turning into a laundry carousel of lycra. I make endless apologies to visitors about the sheer number of running and cycling gear on a constant wash / dry rotation 
  4. Forgetting a hair bobble at the gym. This is a real struggle... *may* have used one I found on the gym changing room floor once. Zero f***s given.
  5. While we're on hair, washing your hair as few times a week as you can feasibly get away with. Dry shampoo for days on end is completely acceptable, right?
  6. Becoming obsessed with other girls' bodies. A little tricky to explain when the boyf wonders howcomes his 'suggested' photo feed in Instagram is absolutely full to bursting of fit girls' abs and bottoms
  7. Not having your 'gym-gear friendly' undercrackers on. You know the ones - they don't cause any lumps and bumps under lycra. So you treat fellow gym-goers to your hugely attractive VPL.... Or go commando
  8. When you've packed your bag for 'leg day' and you realise you've brought your leggings that go REALLY see-through when stretched. A small crowd gathers when you squat, and they're not admiring your form. Awks.
  9. Consuming gallons of water and spending much of your working day getting up to go to the toilet and being convinced colleagues think you've got a problem.
  10. Trying to retain some dignity while taking off a sports bra after a run or a workout. The struggle is real, people. 

Thanks to friends, relatives & fellow gym-goers and runners who inspired the contents of this post. Got your own? Comment below - let's share the pain!