I've had some major life changes in the last 7 months. Selling my house and moving into a shared property in a new area with my beau, and more recently (like, in the last 2 weeks) starting a new job. People make big changes all the time, and in the scheme of things, my life changes may not seem like a big deal. But one of the scariest things for me was feeling like I was going to lose control of a good, established fitness and eating regime. It's easy to slip when things get turned upside down, and I'll freely admit the reason that has happened before is all down to fear. Fear of stepping onto a new gym floor, fear of running somewhere unknown. 

I decided wholeheartedly that I was going to do my damnedest not to give myself excuses, especially ones where - if I was honest with myself - were founded around fear. I'm a fairly confident & outgoing person, but for me that takes conscious effort.  People that know me will undoubtedly LOL at that, but the honest truth is I'm a naturally very cautious introvert. There. I said it.

Without any debate with myself, I got straight through the front door of my new, local gym in my first week of starting my new job. And I'm writing this after having left my house at 5.40am to come and work out. Leaving all the comfort of the gym I'd got to know really well, trainers I had a rapport with, equipment that I knew my way around with my eyes shut. This meant facing all the things I'm scared of; new faces, being the new girl, looking like an idiot, not knowing the ropes.  

And guess what? Nothing bad happened. Something awesome happened. I was welcomed in by the new faces and I already feel at home here. Same applies to the new job.  

Don't ever let fear, on whatever scale, hold you back. Just think what you could be missing out on if you did... 

Happy Hump Day folks xx