I never thought I'd end up sharing recipes;  I'm not an expert in food & nutrition but I've been taking protein recipes from all manner of places on the web and kinda doing my own thing with them, adapting to suit my taste. Here's my protein pancake recipe; the main difference with mine is that I make one GIANT plate sized pancake... so much easier than faffing about making small ones! By the time you start eating the first it's inevitably cold or soggy. Who needs that? Should take less than 5 mins to prepare, about another 10 to cook!


  • 2 scoops of your chosen protein powder (I use Protein World Vanilla Whey Protein or Slender Blend works well too)
  • one whole egg
  • 1tbsp egg whites
  • 1tbsp total Greek yoghurt
  • splash of TRKG Skinny Syrup (flavour of choice, I go for vanilla or caramel) 
  • 1/2 tsp of cinnamon or nutmeg if you're a fan! 
  • fruit of choice if you fancy it - I opt for a handful of blueberries or half a sliced banana
  • coconut oil for cooking


  • throw your egg, egg whites, protein powder, yoghurt into a bowl (along with your skinny syrup & cinnamon if you're including it)
  • mix it all up with a hand whisk; it doesn't take long to turn into a nice medium-thick consistency so no need for fancy blenders! 
  • optional stage: pop your grill on to medium-high heat - I guarantee some extra grill time will make your pancake lovely and fluffy!  
  • Get your pan going on the hob at a medium-high heat with some coconut oil and if you're including fruit, get this going first! Give your blueberries or bananas a few minutes to start cooking. You can even add cinnamon and skinny syrup at this stage, the syrups work wonders with bananas!
  • once your fruit is heated through, get your pancake mix in; you might need to juggle your fruit about first so it's evenly distributed. Ensure your pancake mix is even in the pan
  • when your pancake starts to show signs of the underneath having cooked nicely (eg you can start to lift the edges with a spatula, you may also get big air pockets in the centre), take off the heat and pop under your pre-heated grill. You shouldn't need to grill for any longer than 4-5 minutes, keep an eye on it and you'll start to see it fluffing up and even browning before your very eyes! When you're happy it's cooked through, it should just slide off onto a dinner plate
  • add a dollop of Greek yoghurt and some nuts if you wish, even another glug of skinny syrup if you like
  • get your NOM on!  

I don't know the exact nutritional set up for this and I'd rather not try and get it wrong, but I've always worked out based on the nutritional structure of the components I've included and estimate it sits around the 250kcal mark. It fills me up, and is perfect for a rest day or for refuelling after a strength session. I'd love to hear your pancake recipe hacks and tips, drop me a note below :)