In the last week, I've not only entered the ballot for next year's London Marathon, I've hit a personal distance goal of a 10 mile run. Woop!

Watching the Marathon is a huge inspiration for so many. For me, this year's event wasn't just about watching all the runners flooding the streets of London, or the cheers from the friends, family members and kind strangers as they passed by. 

I've been following a couple of people in Instagram in the last few months, weeks and days of their training for the LM and have become almost personally involved in their stories. The sheer dedication and the blood, sweat and many tears strangely didn't put me off... it actually drew me in. Over the past few weeks I've really started to wonder how far I could go... how hard I could push myself.

I'm currently sat with a blank form for also entering to be a LM team member for Alzheimer's Society. It's a charity very close to my heart, having seen the awful degenerative impact of the disease in not one, but two grandparents. I will be filling this form in and hopefully getting one step closer to a place in one of the biggest running events in the UK. Happily, my lovely boy has entered too, and it'll make a huge difference to have my training buddy & best friend by my side in the run up to, and of course on the big day itself. I know there are marathons, half marathons, 10ks, 5ks, fun runs etc all over the country... but I want to be part of this event which I feel I've been drawn into by watching the journeys of some of those who entered. I dare say they weren't on the TV, but I felt that in a weird way, I was there with them as they pounded pavements trading in all of their bloody hard work.

I hope you lot will be there with me... :) And in the meantime, I have the (not so) small matter of Nike's #WeRunLondon 10k in June. Eep!


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