Yesterday I reached a hugely significant milestone in my running journey.

While many runners could run 8 miles in their sleep, achieving a non-stop, evenly-paced 8 miler yesterday was like conquering Everest for me. It's the longest distance I've ever run and perhaps more excitingly, I still felt like I had something left in the tank... I probably could've gone another couple of miles without too much trouble.

Just the other week I scoffed at the prospect of a half marathon, but having achieved a trouble-free 8 miles (that could've been 10 without too hard a push), adding a few more and making it a 13 miler somehow doesn't now seem so ridiculous.

When I signed up for my first 10k last summer, that felt like a hugely significant milestone and I'm having to remind myself that at one time, I'd have scoffed at that too. I've signed up for another this summer; the Nike 'We Run London' event in June is calling. Last time I just wanted to get through it but this time, I really want to set a goal for completion time and smash it!

Back to thinking about longer-term goals, I'm not about to go completely crazy and sign up to a half marathon, but I do think I'll realistically start working towards one. Of course I haven't started researching local ones... *ahem*