We all get weary - that's a fact. I know some real-life energizer bunnies, but no one is superhuman enough to NEVER feel fatigue. 

We all have those mornings when the alarm going off just seems unusually unbearable. The questions I often ask myself are; "Are you tired because you’re training too much, are you tired because you’re not getting the right mix of exercise and food or are you sleeping too much / not enough?" For me, it’s a conundrum that I think I'm starting to crack, for some it's an ongoing battle.

Those who know me know how obsessed I am with sleep and getting an early night. That’s right, I’m a bore. I tend to go to bed before 9pm if I can, have half an hour to wind down and then get some sleep. My OH jokes that turning the lights off is like putting a blanket over a birdcage. I do suffer with a little insomnia around the 2-3am mark, and as yet, I’ve not found a solution, but overall it doesn’t seem to affect my ability to get up and feel ready to take on the way so I figure my body is getting the rest it needs.

Exercise in the morning undeniably wakes me up. I stood in the gym yesterday morning and yawned constantly, but as soon as I started working out, the yawning disappeared. I have to make a conscious recognition of this fact when the alarm goes off at daft o’clock (an official time) and 99% of the time getting up & working out leaves me energised, pumped and ready to take on the day. Plus I’m starting to really believe that the effect it has on my body’s ability to burn fat and build muscle is greater than an evening workout. There’s a bit of science that suggests this, but I’m a firm believer in doing what’s right for you. If your body is crying out for more sleep (and I don’t mean ‘I can’t be arsed to get up’, I mean ‘I actually can’t move’ territory), your workout can (and should) wait.

Exercise at night, for me, is a little tougher going. I’m generally more sluggish, and leaves me feeling too pumped to sleep! But it’s always an option if getting up just feels impossible

If you think you’re not a morning person, I challenge you to challenge that. Try a morning workout, whether it be a HIIT session, a run, some cycling or even a swim. See how your energy levels are affected. And please report back, I’d love to know what you struggle with when it comes to finding or generating energy to get through the day (and night)…

If you are feeling unusually or consistently tired or fatigued, I'd encourage you to chat to your GP just to rule out anything else that might be causing it x