This weekend has been a combination of both some rest (first day all week) and after a gym session this morning, a small reward. In the form of a HUGE coffee ;)


The coffee was part of my negotiation for pushing that little bit harder on the gym floor. I did a deal with myself that   if I put myself through another set of reps, and I could have a large instead of a medium.

I don't really believe in outright deprivation, but using your food & drink vices and the things you love as rewards instead of just having them and taking them for granted can feel, well, very rewarding!  

On my rest day yesterday I actually really enjoyed having a short jog with my sister who is just beginning her running journey, for which I'm enormously proud. It was lovely to take the country air in and feel like I was there to support someone else, instead of being supported, or (which can sometimes be quite isolating) running alone.

Right at this moment, after this morning's session, my legs are quivering and my glutes are aching but the coffee is going down very well indeed.

Happy Sunday morning, folks.