This week sucked... until new gear arrived AND the sun stayed out to play!

I won't labour on the shabby start to the week that was had (let's just summarise as back-to-work after a week off, someone very important to me going away for work... *sniff*), but it has turned itself around a bit, largely thanks to the arrival of new gear and some running & gym time. Yay!

Some Nike running tights that I've been eyeing up for a few weeks mysteriously appeared in my postbox (a gift from said important person). I'm guessing they were designed to cheer me up and I'll give it to the guy, he definitely knows how to turn my frown upside down! I'm all too aware of how frightfully materialistic this could make me come across, that a case of the blues can be cured by a mix of nylon & elastane. The sentiment was the key driver for my big grin, but these cute ForeverGradients are the one...


Despite having picked up and put down (and picked up... and put down) the tights in the Nike store in Liverpool over Easter, I had resigned myself to just not needing them. Let's face it, with about 8 pairs on the go, I don't. But now they're here, I'm really glad I have them! Hat tip to the folks at Achilles Heel, it was 10% cheaper than the Nike store, free (and super quick) delivery AND they had my size in stock whereas Nike's own store is down to just one size left. I'd not heard of them before but they're now firmly bookmarked until there is something else I need (or not, as the case often is) for running / the gym.

I haven't run in them yet, but they were superb at the gym this morning. I'm glad Nike has returned to that deeper waistband which just makes you feel well-supported and keeps your tum tucked in whatever the exercise. They're lovely and lightweight, so I can't see a problem running in them on a warmer day in them and still have reflective spots along the outside of the legs so will still be great when we start to lose the light again and I'm back to running in the dark *sad face*. The main problem I have with some of my other running tights is when they have zips at the bottom. I have really boney ankles and sometimes they dig in. Ouch! But no zips here. My ankles are thanking me.

I strongly recommend you check Achilles Heel out if you love your gear... and if you do head there, pick me up something nice please :) Got new gear in your sights? Please don't make me feel like I'm alone in this! Drop me a comment or come talk to me on Twitter