If you're here, there's a high chance that you're a friend, colleague or - with any luck - someone embarking on some kind of fitness mission.

I don't claim to really have a clue what I'm doing, but I know when I started running a few years ago (and subsequently stopped... and started... and stopped... you get the picture) there weren't any particularly 'honest' accounts of embarking on a fitter, healthier lifestyle. 

I found some amazing fitness bloggers. Some amazing running bloggers. Some amazing healthy food blogs. But there was no one that I came across who was stuck directly in the middle but struggling massively with motivation on all three counts.

I'm here because I want to give you the honest truth about how I feel about my fitness and eating day to day, partly to remind myself and others that we're human beings, partly as an outlet to take out my fitness frustrations and insecurities via the written word and partly because I hope in some small way I can help someone else. 

What do I have to offer?

  • I'm easily motivated by shiny, new gear and I'm not afraid to admit that it's the thing that can sometimes make the difference between me working out and not. If I'm using a new gadget or gizmo, it's not because I've been given it to review. It's because I've treated myself or I've been lucky to get a hand-me-down from my equally tech-motivated other half.
  • I'll always be honest. If I've sat and scoffed cake and pizza, I'm going to talk about it and remind you that every now and then, it really doesn't hurt
  • I have a lot of random thoughts during my time in the gym or on runs (mostly useless) but I will share them with you if I think they're even remotely helpful

Of course, I could look back on this in a few months time and wonder why on earth I thought I could make this work or cringe at my approach. I'm learning to blog, I'm still learning to run, I'm learning what to eat that's better for my body and you're hopefully coming along for the ride...?