Yesterday I woke up feeling decidedly 'meh'. Me, the supposed 'superhuman' / 'machine' as friends refer to me. The girl that's got a reputation for being 'so good' at getting up at 5am, going to the gym, smashing out a session and then coming to work (and, increasingly more often, doing it all again after work).

I rolled over, turned my alarm off, reset it for an hour later and snoozed. Meh. Gym? No thanks.

The worst part about that was, I felt like it all day. And that made me realise how important that morning routine I have is and the knock-on effect of not going through it.

When I got home, I decided that instead of trying to figure out why I was in a funk, I would tackle it. So I told someone. My personal trainer, to be precise. I felt a bit like a moaning minnie, but I just fessed up that I'd lost my funk a bit. 

As predicted, she was ace about it. After checking I was fit & well, eating & sleeping etc, she snapped me out of it. She said lovely things about my progress, sent me a programme of what to focus on in the morning when I got to the gym and told me to go to bed (ha!). As a result, I went to bed with some sense of refocusing. and surprise! I woke up this morning and was back on form. 

The point is, if I'd not just sought help to get out of my mini-slump quickly, I risked falling deeper into it. If you're struggling with motivation, I highly recommend talking to someone about it. It doesn't have to be a trainer, but talk to someone who speaks the same language. Acknowledge it, come up with a plan to tackle it and then go and smash it.

The dull ache in my arms will be my reminder today that I've got my mojo back ;)