I came out of my personal training session this morning with this feeling – sort of fulfilment, sort of happiness, sort of achievement, sort of like I’d overcome some fears (I hate training chest, especially alone). And then it smacked me round the face. It was satisfaction.

It made me realise how incredibly important satisfaction is for your self-esteem and motivation. It can come from many places, not just training hard. It might come from an email you’ve spent a while constructing, a cake you’ve baked, sitting down on the sofa with a steaming cuppa after cleaning the house. The point is, satisfaction is an important feeling to acknowledge and embrace. A lot of mine comes from training, admittedly, so I wrote a list of my 5 signs of satisfaction. I urge you to write your own list and go after them in the next week or so – consciously acknowledging them will empower you and make you realise how much you take little things for granted.

  1.       The dampness of the back of my hair after a cardio or HIIT session
  2.       Tucking into brekkie after a morning workout.
  3.       When I have to get up and sit down slowly after leg day (I know, I’m weird)
  4.       Sinking into a hot bath at the end of the day
  5.       Achieving PBs in the gym after a plateau. Moving forward is AWESOME.

So ask yourself this. What leaves you feeling happy or pleased because of something you did or something that happened? When did you last provide something for yourself that you needed or desired? And when did you deal with a problem or a complaint with a positive outcome?

Write this list. Today. You’ll thank yourself for it